How Can a Small Business Succeed?

In a world where retail is dominated by big box stores, food chains and online shopping, consumers favor large retailers for their convenience and consistency. These large brands typically have a reputation that consumers feel they can consistently rely on. For example, Walmart is known for having low prices. When a consumer is shopping for products, they know that Walmart provides the most competitive prices. On the other hand, the Ritz-Carlton, is known for it’s quality. Nothing beats entering your hotel room to a fridge full of your favorite foods!

  • How can small businesses compete with such a strong reputation?
  • How can consumers identify small businesses that meet the same standards? 

At, we have used proprietary data to develop trending scores for small businesses. These trending scores can be used to determine how a small business ranks compared to the overall industry.

What Is a Trending Score?

Trending scores are live ratings of local businesses based on a variety of factors. These factors include sector reports (eg. health violations, building inspections), reviews and social media. Using this data, our team at has developed two scores for each business:


  1. Confidence Score: This score reflects how reliable a business is. A high score indicates that there are many positive reviews for this business while a low score may indicate low reviews and/or business violations.
  1. Social Media Score: The social media score indicates how active a business is on social media and if information pertaining to the business can be found on social media. Many users rely on social media to find out if businesses are open during holidays or if they offer a particular service. A high social media score indicates that the business is responsive and active on social media.

A high rating in each industry and vertical varies due to the nature of the business. Here are some averages from industries in Newport Beach:


When looking for local businesses, businesses with trending scores higher than the average are considered above average.



There are many local pizza restaurants in Newport Beach. We’ve reviewed each establishment to provide consumers with trending scores for each business.

How Can I Improve My Trending Score?

As trending scores are live and updated regularly, businesses have the opportunity to increase their scores. On the other hand, businesses with high trending scores need to be consistently operating at that level to maintain their score. Here are some ways to improve or maintain your trending score:

  1. Maintain Consistency

Many consumers choose to use big box stores because they know the service or product will be consistent (either in quality or price) every time. Consumers have a level of expectations when making a purchase whether they are shopping for the best possible product or the cheapest on the market. Shopping local supports individuals and families in the local community. Maintaining consistency in your service or product allows consumers to feel confident in what they are purchasing.

  1. Online Presence

Maintaining an open channel between the business and target market is an effective way to communicate with consumers. An online presence allows consumers to interact with your business and shows that the business values each customer. Ensuring the business can be found online will also ensure the business has a high trending social media score.

How do consumers see your business? Find out at